Behind the blog

Hi! We’re the creators of the 4ne1 2ne1.

Hey! I’m Aries and I’m here to be your (FGB) Fairy God Blogger! I love helping people (I want to be a Lawyer). I’ve been called sassy, but hey! Who isn’t?! I’ve had my fair share of disappointments when it comes to love, but my experiences have made me stronger. I’ve gotten out of some really sticky situations and I can definitely help you out of yours.

Hello, I’m Dara. I love food, travelling and robots. I’ve been told that I’m complicated, but I think I’m a simple person (LOL, I lied, I’m not simple!). I’ve lived in a lot of places and seen a lot of faces and I’m always ready to learn new things. When it comes to emotions, I’m REALLY reserved. I hope through this blog, I can open up a little more, one post at a time. 🙂

Hi, I’m Sadge and I love embarking on new adventures. I’ve been told that I’m like a sour patch kid; sour, but sweet. I try to be blunt and tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to. I’m a colossal anomaly. When it comes to movies, I love romantic ones like The Notebook (Don’t judge me) but I’m a jock at heart. I want to use this blog as a way to show how unique every woman truly is.

Hey there! I’m Callie and I love eating, sleeping and chocolate, OMG, chocolate! At first glance, I’m a quiet and shy, but when I get to know you, I burst out of my shell! I get pretty hyper sometimes (caffeine baby! yeah!!) but according to my friends, I have a big heart. I have a lot to say and share and I’m hoping this blog is gonna help me accomplish my goal.


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