Life Lesson #6: Never Underestimate the Power of a “Zombie Crush”

In “Life Lesson #4: How to Handle the Zombie Crush” I stated that a zombie crush is defined as “a person that you once had feelings for but due to special circumstances or a window of opportunity, the feelings resurrected themselves.” I then gave a few examples of the types of questions that may come to mind in reference to a zombie crush. Well, I guess I should’ve explained how powerful a zombie crush can be. So, my Zombie’s real name is actual Sam, who I met when I was a freshman in college. In order to help the explanation process, I will draw out a timeline in which the events occurred. Below is how my friendship with Sam, and my eventual crush on him, began and where it is now, as of April 26, 2015:

– January 2013: I met Sam in my dorm; I invited him to dinner with my friends and me in which he said yes; He added me on Facebook shortly after that and shortly after that I got his number; It was by this time (within 3 weeks of meeting him) that I realized that I liked him as more than a friend.

– February 2013: This month consisted of many late nights together listening to each others’ favorite music, talking about our views on different topics, and just enjoying each others’ company. By this time I had asked him whether or not he liked anyone to which he said no.

– March 2013: So this is the month in which things start getting interesting. There was a semi-formal that he went to that I didn’t go to because I ended up getting sick but he didn’t dance with anyone there; I wrote him a letter about how I felt about him the day we all left for spring break; When I got back from spring break I saw him on a couch in our dorm all cuddled up with a girl; Our friendship thus ends for several reasons but primarily because I couldn’t separate my feelings for him from our friendship; We stop talking for a year in which he ends up in a relationship with the “couch girl”.

– May 2014: It’s nearing finals week meaning the end of the semester, and I haven’t talked to Sam in over a year. However, this all changes when I see him a few times walking in my vicinity around campus. I then decide to take a big risk and reach out to him over Facebook, he responds in a positive way and we started talking as if nothing had ever happened. I realized that my friendship with him wasn’t worth losing over a stupid crush.

– June 2014: Sam and his girlfriend break up, which had nothing to do with me. Him and I occasionally talked and frequently reminisced the “good days”.

– July 2014: My friendship with Sam was back to when I first met him

– August 2014: We return back to school; Sam and his ex-girlfriend decide to give their relationship a second try; By this time I was supportive and knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later, however, I didn’t know where my feelings for him stood; I played the role of a good friend and gave him his space while he worked on his relationship.

– September 2014: Sam and I attempt to make plans but something always got in the way, whether it was mostly him or me I have no idea.

– October 2014: I have dinner with my friend Rachel and Sam ends up joining us.

– November 2014: I haven’t hung or talked to Sam since October but it’s okay, I’m okay, I understand.

– December 2014: I wish Sam a happy birthday (his 21st) and a merry Christmas but that’s about it.

– January 2015: I haven’t talked to Sam since New Years but it’s okay, I’m okay.

– February 2015: Sam randomly starts insisting that we need to hangout more and that it needs to happen soon, of course I receive this text at like 1:30 am; After some serious questioning, Sam informs me that him and his girlfriend broke up again and that this times it’s permanent.

– March 2015: My friendship with Sam is solid and we just realize that we are busy people, okay maybe I am the busy one.

-April 2015 (NOW): I am still friends with Sam and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

What I’ve learned from this entire year and a half with Sam is that our friendship is too valuable to lose and maybe he’s in my life for a reason. I can honestly say that I love him as a friend and I’m at a point where I don’t care who he dates, I’ve even given him advice on his most recent venture. I’ve learned that Sam is an amazing friend but he’s a great boyfriend…for someone else.

SO once again, NEVER underestimate the power of a ZOMBIE CRUSH maybe it’ll turn into something special or maybe it’ll end up being one of the most precious FRIENDSHIPS of your life, which is even better.

Smooches, Aries ❤


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