Life Lesson #5: The College Struggle

The time that you spend in college could be some of the best years of your life. For some, it’s the time in which they finally become independent. Others may see college as one big party opportunity; for others it’s a time to make connections with people who may be beneficial when searching for a career. Despite the different motives that people may have, there is one thing that all college students have in common: CLASSES. Now whether they go to class or not, all college students must endure the struggles of college life. What are these struggles, you may ask? Homework that doesn’t make sense, studying, unfair exams, dealing with horrible professors and ,more importantly, waking up on time for early classes. These are just a few but common examples of the consequences of college life. What are the best ways to handle these problems?

1) Study whenever you can. Don’t let yourself become a victim of procrastination.

2) If you don’t understand the work, find a tutor.

3) Never put all your trust into a professor, because they will eventually let you down.

4) If the exam was unfair, talk to your professor. If they do nothing about it, reach out to the department coordinator.

5) Try to go to bed earlier if you have an early class the following morning.


College itself can be stressful and difficult but with the right tools, anyone can succeed.


Smooches, Aries ❤





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