Life Lesson #4 : How to Handle the Zombie Crush

What is a zombie crush?
The best way I can explain it is:
Zombie Crush: a person that you once had feelings for but due to special circumstances or a window of opportunity, the feelings resurrected themselves

It’s safe to assume that we have all liked someone who either didn’t like us back or who we felt were out of our league, we
tried to move on from them, just for them to do or something to make us believe they are interested, just to discover we aren’t over it.

With handling a zombie crush, the following questions may come to mind:

1) Can I still be friends with this person?
2) How do I get over this crush without them knowing I like them?
3) What will I do if these feelings arise once again?

Truth be told, it all depends on how close you are to

your zombie

and how often you see or speak to them. For a person you see or talk to on a regular bases try putting some distance between the two of you. They may ask you why you are talking or seeing them less to which you can simply say that

you’ve been really busy lately


I have a lot on my plate.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder but it can also help you defeat your zombie crush. If this person is like your best friend, you may consider if your willing to risk the friendship because how you react to your zombie crush will affect the friendship.

My Advice: Personally I am trying to handle a zombie crush on my own, and what I’ve realized is that it takes time. I realize that this friendship with this person is more valuable to me than any feelings I could have towards him. I’m learning more about him each day and everyday I rediscover how great of a person he is and how great of a friendship we are creating. Now, if for any reason these feelings resurrect themselves, I’ll know how to handle it.

Note to the wise: Unless you are 100% sure that telling the person how you feel won’t backfire and blow up in your face, I wouldn’t say that they’re your zombie crush.

I hope this helps!

Smooches, Aries ❤


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