20 Tips College Females Should Live by

1. Don’t hunt for men; they aren’t everything.
2. If someone doesn’t like you, please, please, please move on. (This goes for both guys and girls)
3. Just because you fail an exam, DOES NOT mean you’ll flunk out.
4. Dress to impress; yourself!
5. Dining court food isn’t always great for you (Always check the nutritional value).
6. Naps are great when used wisely.
7. Joining a club or organization is a great way to meet people.
8. Take care of your hair. It is a distinguishing feature each person has and is identified with, so keep it looking good.
9. Instead of buying coffee, make your own, you’ll save a ton of money.
10. Don’t pack all your clothes from home, you won’t wear them all.
11. You don’t have to drink or party to have fun. There’s more to college than that.
12. Try to make real friends; they’ll be there with you for your break-up’s and 4am papers.
13. No one cares about how your dorm room looks, don’t try to coordinate too much.
14. Waterproof your shoes and backpack. Sometimes nature can be the enemy.
15. First impressions aren’t completely reliable. You may think you like or dislike a person, but get to know them first before passing judgement.
16. Professor’s and T.A’s are your besties. They are more helpful than you may think.
17. Choose a major you love. Regret is difficult to overcome.
18. Make smart choices. If you drink, make sure it’s with people you trust. Bottom line is; be aware and stay safe.
19. Don’t bathe barefoot in the communal showers. No matter how clean it looks, there’s always a risk of getting an infection.
20. People say college is the best four years of their lives. In reality, it’s just the beginning of the journey of life. Use it to make great memories and discover who you are.


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