What are we?!

There are only a handful of times in my life where I’ve actually been utterly confused. I’m usually good at being able to discern what people feel about me and the type of relationship that we have. However, my current situation has me bewildered. My “friend” Patrick and I have known each other for about eight months. We met when we were forced to be partners for a class. At first, I really didn’t notice him (I don’t really guy hunt…I’m lazy), but he seemed to notice me. We hit it off really well and became good friends. Sadly, he’s a senior and I’m only a sophomore. About five months into our friendship, I started to see qualities in him that I really liked. Even after our partnership ended, we still kept in touch (literally, lol!). He was really keen on dominating my physical space and would never miss an opportunity to be as close to me as possible. Although he would invade my personal space regularly, he never made any overtly sexual advances toward me. He would invite me to do things with him like hang at his place, eat dinner with him or to study together.I thought “He’s just being nice!” but if we were apart for a long time he’d send me texts telling me how he misses me and how we should get together and see each other. I get the feeling that he likes me a lot and sometimes I’m not sure. The more I think about it, the more frustrated I get with this whole situation. Are we just friends? Are we lovers? or Are we in limbo? Sometimes I want to grab him by his collar and ask him, but I also don’t want to rattle the cage. I like what we have, but I just want to know “What are we?!”O.o

Carpe Diem,


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