Life Lesson #2: Thou Shalt Never Write a Love Letter

Letters can be interesting. They can be used to keep in contact with distant relatives who are “technology challenged” or with a prison pal who’s doing time for unpaid taxes or parking tickets. However, one form in which letters can come back to haunt you is in the form of a “Love Letter”. I’ve written a letter like this before and gave it to the guy I had a crush on the majority of my freshman year of college. Below is an excerpt of that letter:

“Dear Reese,
I am not good at expressing my feelings and if I attempted to say this to you in person it probably would not come out right. Well, let me just get straight to the point then. You are an amazing person. You are funny, intellectual, stubborn, clumsy, occasionally arrogant, impatient, and slightly insecure. However, I think you are great just the way you are.”

The first mistake I made was writing the letter, the second mistake was giving it to Reese. A third mistake I made was giving Reese the letter the day I left for spring break. When I returned from spring break, we didn’t talk about the letter whatsoever and he had started talking to this girl, who is now his current girlfriend. Currently, Reese and I are no longer friends, have no contact with one another, and I often blame myself for the friendship ending, due to my feelings. Before you consider writing and giving the person you like a letter, consider the following:

1) Are you sure you want to do this?
2) Are you sure they, without a doubt, like you?
3) Are you willing to accept any consequences that come from the letter?
4) Are you willing to risk the friendship?

My Advice:
My advice to anyone who has considered writing anyone a letter about how they feel would be: DON’T WRITE IT! It’s true that not every scenario will have the results of my experience but if you truly like someone and more importantly if they like you, then telling that person how you feel is better kept at the face-to-face level. Remember taking risks can be exciting and may get you out of the friend zone but at the same time they can guarantee your seat in the V.I.P. section within the zone. If you truly want to write a letter you can but make sure that person is worth it and worthy of you.

Smooches, Aries ❤


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