A Gentleman In the Rain

Most women say men are pigs … but what if a few good ones still exist? Here’s my story.

On a cold winter rainy day I had just arrived back on campus after two flights and a layover for winter break. It was late, freezing, I had two heavy luggage’s, buses were unavailable and my dorm was just too far. Lets just say my night was not going too well. I waited in the cold archway for my taxi for over an hour but still it had not arrived. It was pouring out and I was not going to walk to my dorm so, I continued to wait. As I waited, different people walked in and out of the building behind me, sadness and anger had rushed through me as these people were getting picked up by other people. Then two men exited the building and stood right by me. One started to smoke and they started in deep conversation. They spoke a language I did not understand causing me to look at them with curiosity. I obviously did not want to seem like a weirdo so I played with my phone texting my roommate and waited for the taxi to let me know they would be there any minute. The gentleman’s friend finished his cigarette and this was the turning point. They just finished their conversation and the gentleman looks at me and ask, ” Are you waiting for somebody?” I replied, “Yeah, for my taxi.” This gentleman then ask, “If you’d like my cars parked right across the street in the garage I could take you.” His eyes were so kind and genuine that I just trusted him, which is unusual for me. I can’t lie, he was pretty cute and tall. I accepted his kind offer and waited for him to arrive outside the building. He comes out of his white clean car and I like a clumsy person fumble with my 50lb luggage dropping my duffle bag. He comes right away and helps me to get my bags and begins placing it into his car and told me not to worry about it and to make my way into his car. I had no thought of myself getting murdered, kidnapped or even raped I just could not stop thinking about how nice this guy was. As he began to drive he asked me where my dorm was and then introduced himself. As for his name, let’s call him Demetri. We talk about our majors and where we were from. He was kind, great at making conversation and I could not stop myself from smiling . We stop at my dorm and he parks his car outside, I thought he was just going to drop me off and leave me outside the building because that was more than I could ever ask for. Surprisingly he takes his key out of his ignition, takes my luggage’s into the building and asked me where he should take it. All I could think was, this gentleman has done more than enough and I would be terrible to ask him to carry my stuff up the stairs for me just to keep him a little longer. I told him it was okay and there was an elevator that I could just take it upstairs. I thanked him so much but I wish I could have given something in return or have his number. Instead, I dumbly let this guy go, not thanking him enough, and lost this sweet guy. I go upstairs realizing that I made a humongous mistake and learned to realize there are still nice genuine guys who exist. You never know, maybe I’ll meet him again one day. Life is full of surprises!

Your heartbreaking past experience and knowledge of men shouldn’t alter the way you think about the ones that could come into your life. Everyone isn’t the same, give people the benefit of the doubt. They might just end up being the one that changes your views like mine were changed that night.

Yours Truly,
Sagde 😉


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